Apl. Prof. Dr. Sc. Tatiana Gambaryan-Roisman

Interfacial Transport and Complex Wetting


work +49 6151 16-22264
fax +49 6151 16-22262

Work L2|06 201
Alarich-Weiss-Straße 10
64287 Darmstadt

University Education
1986-1991 Study of Engineering Thermophysics, Moscow Power Eng. Inst., USSR
1991-1994 M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Technion, Haifa, Israel
1994-1998 D.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, Technion, Haifa, Israel
2008 Habilitation in Heat Transfer, TU Darmstadt
Professional Experience
1992-1998 Teaching Assistant, Mechanical Engineering, Technion, Haifa, Israel
1998-2000 Research Assistant and Minerva-Fellow, Institute of Glass and Ceramics, Dep. of Materials Science, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
2000-2002 Research Assistant, Institute for Technical Thermodynamics, Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, TU Darmstadt
2003-2010 Head of Emmy Noether Young Researcher Group (DFG), Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, TU Darmstadt
since 2010 Head of Research Group, Institute for Technical Thermodynamics, Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, TU Darmstadt
2015- Apl. Professor, Dep. of Mechanical Engineering, TU Darmstadt
Activities in Scientific Organizations
2007 - Member of Internation Scientific Committee, International Symposium on Advances in Computational Heat Transfer
2008 – 2014 Member of International Scientific Committee, conference series International Conference of Nano-, Micro- and Minichannels
2008 - Member of Editorial Board of “Computational Thermal Sciences” (Begell House)
2010 – 2012 Member of Scientific Steering Committee, Cluster of Excellence 259: Smart Interfaces – Understanding and Designing Fluid Boundaries
2012 – 2016 Member of Management Committee, COST Action MP1106
2014 – 2017 Coordinator of EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network Complex Wetting Phenomena (CoWet)
2015 Member of Advisory Board, Conference of the Association of Colloid and
Interface Scientists, IACIS, May 24 –
29, 2015, Mainz
2015 Member of International Board, 6th International Workshop on Bubble and Drop Interfaces, B&D 2015, July 6
– 10, Potsdam
2016 – 2020 Editor of “Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science” (Elsevier)
2016 – Member of Scientific Council of International Center for Heat and Mass
2017 - Editorial Board Member of “Colloids and Interfaces” (MDPI)
2018 - Editorial Board Member of “Interfacial Phenomena and heat Transfer” (Begell House)
2018 - Section Editor at “Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science” (Elsevier)
2018 - Ordinary Member of Council of IACIS (International Association of Colloid and Interfaces Scientists)
2019 Scientific coordinator of the Workshop “Challenges in Nanoscale Physics of Wetting Phenomena” (together with Shahriar Afkhami and Len Pismen), August 26-30, 2019, Dresden, Germany
2019 – 2020 Editor of a Special Issue “Challenges in Nanoscale Physics of Wetting Phenomena” (together with Shahriar Afkhami and Len Pismen) in “The European Physical Journal Special Topics” (Springer)
2020 – Organizer of the Droplets 2021 Conference, August 16-18, 2021, Darmstadt, Germany
2021 – Coordinator of EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network “Dynamics of dense nanosuspensions: a pathway to novel functional materials“ (nanoPaInt)
Awards and Honours
1995 Second Prize for scientific paper, 26th Israel Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Israel
1998-2000 Minerva Research Fellowship of the Max Planck Society (MPG)
2002-2009 Emmy Noether Research Grant of the German Science Foundation (DFG)
2005 Team Achievement Award for Foton M2 Space Mission from European Space Agency
2015 Promotion to Apl. Professor, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany
2019 Ralf-Dahrendorf Prize for European Research Area
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Our research is focused on studying the influence of the interfacial and complex wetting phenomena on the hydrodynamics, phase change, heat and mass transport in liquid films, rivulets and drops. We use smart substrate-fluid interfaces for controlling the transport processes, especially for heat and mass transfer enhancement. The smart interfaces include structured substrates, substrates with nanoporous coatings, deformable and soluble substrates. The smart interfaces modify the flow stability, influence the density of the three-phase contact lines, induce liquid imbibition and Marangoni convection.

Current Projects:

Wetting of deformable substrates

Wetting of porous coatings

Modelling assembling of nanoparticles

Condensation on superamphiphobic surfaces

Marangoni flow in µ-g

Simulation of drop impact and evaporation

Deformed surface of a liquid film on a structured substrate measured using the phase-shift Schlieren Meth-od. The deformation is induced by Marangoni effect. Image: Schröder/Nejati
Left: Deposition formation during evaporation of urea-water drop (FEM simulation). Image: Bender; Right: Drop impact onto rigid and deformable substrates. Image: Alam

EU Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network “Dynamics of dense nanosuspensions: a pathway to novel functional materials“

nanoPaInt Website

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