Henrik Sontheimer M.Sc.

Simulation of Drop Impact and Evaporation


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Since 2019 Researcher at the Institute for Technical Thermodynamics, TU Darmstadt
2018-2019 Master's Thesis “Performance Analysis of SI Engines by 1D Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Simulation” (Politecnico di Milano)
2016-2019 M.Sc. Vehicle and Engine Engineering, University of Stuttgart
2013-2016 B.Sc. Vehicle and Engine Engineering, University of Stuttgart

Subproject C1: Numerical simulation of the transport processes during drop impingement onto heated walls with special consideration of the evaporating three-phase contact line

When a liquid droplet impinges on a hot wall, the fluid dynamic and thermodynamic processes in the vicinity of the contact line play a significant role. The contact line defines the boundary between liquid, gas and wall.

If the fluid approaches the critical state, the standard concept of an infinitely thin phase boundary between liquid and vapor is no longer valid. Therefore the modeling of the physical processes has to be optimized for the changed conditions.

The goal of the proposed project is to develop a comprehensive theoretical and numerical description of the dynamic processes occurring at a vaporizing contact line occurring during droplet impact. The local nano- and micro-phenomena have to be implemented in the VOF-Code (Volume Of Fluid) so that a drop impact can be simulated on a hot, dry or wetted surface. In particular the procedure of spreading, coalescence and disintegration of the film have to be modeled in physically correct way.

SFB-TRR 75: Droplet Dynamics Under Extreme Ambient Conditions

Vertical coalescence of two drops on a heated wall