Our research subjects and projects are allocated to three groups. All groups apply and further develop analytical, numerical and experimental methods.

Structure of the Institute for Technical Thermodynamics

Apl. Prof. Dr. Sc. Tatiana Gambaryan-Roisman

How do interfacial and complex wetting phenomena influence the hydrodynamics, phase change or heat and mass transfer? How can the latter be improved and controlled by using smart substrate-fluid interfaces?


Dr.-Ing. Axel Sielaff

We focus on the two-phase heat transfer of liquids to gases or vapors. How do complex fluids boil on complex surfaces? How can evaporation processes be optimized for microgravity applications?


Dr.-Ing. Frank Dammel

We model thermal energy systems, determine energy flows and derive exergy balances. Exergies can be connected to costs in order to conduct an economic evaluation.