The following lectures are offered by the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics:

Lecture Term
Technische Thermodynamik I (TTD1) Winter semester
Technische Thermodynamik II (TTD 2) Summer semester
Wärme- und Stoffübertragung (WuSt) Winter semester
Höhere Wärmeübertragung (HöWü) Summer semester
Finite Elemente in der Wärmeübertragung (FEW) Winter semester
Analytische Methoden der Wärmeübertragung Summer semester
Konvektive Wärmeübertragung Winter semester

All lectures and courses are offered in German language.

To access our lecture contents you need a valid TU-ID and particularly the passwords announced in the lectures.

On the news page (German language) of the institute, you can find additional information concerning lectures and research.

At the institute, several topics for Bachelor- and Master-Thesis concerning our research are offered. If you are interested, please contact the the staff members. Please notice, that the offers are particularly written in German language.

For master students, Advanced Design Projects (ADP) are offered. For research seminars please contact our staff members.

During the Kolloqium Technische Thermodynamik , every Thursday during 14:00 to 15:30, student presentations and starting at 16:00 presentations of staff members take place. Please contact our secretariate for information concerning time and content of the presentations.