Main Research Interests and Expertise

The research interests at TTD concentrate on experimental an d theoretical-analytic investigations of complex Heat- and Mass-Transfer processes. Our expertise reaches from the description of nano- and micro-scaled transport-phenomena to makro-scaled and engineering applications The following research fields are covered:

During our experiments, modern high resolution and high speed measurement techniques are used and enhanced. Examples are measurements using high speed infrared and black-and-white photography-techniques, Particle-Image-Velocity (PIV), Thermal Liquid Crystals (TLC) and micro-thermo elements. Further information is given in the equipment-list .

For theoretical-numerical research, commercial software is used. Further, own mathematic models are developed and implemented. For example, a numerical model was developed to simulate the evaporation at the three-phase contact line, for phenomena concerning blends (Marangoni-convection), dynamic and stability of wavy films or movements of interfaces.

Applications for these research fields can be found in the aerospace engineering, in energy-technology and in process-engineering.